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How can I manage my social media?

Why should I have different social media accounts?

Whilst it often takes more time and resources to manage multiple social media accounts, multiple social media accounts are essential because of diversification in audiences, compounding reach, and social media growth.

Diversification means you become less reliant on the algorithms of various social sites. You can still use other platforms to reach your audiences if an algorithm on one platform has a negative impact on your impressions (views) on postings. Additionally, because not every follower will be the same and some may only use one platform, having these channels is crucial if you want to reach as many potential customers as you can.

Compounding reach means that you can cross-promote between accounts. An example of this would be posting on Facebook telling followers to also follow your brand on YouTube. Compounding also refers to the practice of having many social media accounts that your fans can follow you on. As a result, they will see content from your brand more frequently, which will raise brand recognition and keep you in their minds.

Growth through having multiple accounts means that you're allowing yourself to be where your audiences spend their time, and at the same time, you’re able to reach new audiences.

How do I manage multiple social media platforms for a business?

It can be hard to start with, but the best way to manage your social media presence is to be hands-on with it. There’s an infinite amount of content ideas out there, and if you’re ever stuck have a look at what your competitors are doing and also have a look at what some of the biggest brands in your industry are doing, these brands can afford to have a team of social experts full-time so they’ll mostly stick to social media best practices.

Without a clear strategy, trying to establish a brand on social media can be completely unsuccessful. You'll find yourself publishing haphazardly and without much thought, with the result that your efforts will be in vain. Your social media efforts will be more successful and serve your overarching business goals if you have a solid social media strategy in place.

Outlining your company's objectives can help you write posts that support them by allowing you to build your approach from there. To give yourself something to strive for and to confirm that the work you are doing is paying off, you should also define some social media goals.

What can I use to help manage my social media?

One of the best ways to manage your various social media platforms is to use software to consolidate this into one place. Buffer is one of many content management software that offers a free account, they’re a must-have as they allow you to get a bird’s-eye view of your social media accounts and how they’re performing. You can automate your posting and schedule posts in advance so you can spend more time during the week engaging with followers in real-time. You can also respond to messages, comments, and questions all from within your chosen software engagement dashboard.

Another great way to manage your socials is to use a tool that makes all your posts look fantastic. Photos and videos undoubtedly outperform posts that are solely text. Some social media algorithms prefer content that is original, this means that whilst having a post that is original is key, you can help achieve originality by having original images and videos that you’ve created. So, Canva’s online design software is another great tool with a free account option and another must-have.


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